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“For Elsa (Love What You Do)” featured in the motion picture “Simpel”

Thomas Hien’s song “For Elsa (Love What You Do)” will be in the motion picture “Simpel” featuring Frederick Lau and David Kross.

“Home Is Where Your Heart Is” featured in “Royal Pains” TV series now available on Spotify

Thomas Hien’s song “Home Is Where Your Heart Is” featured in the TV Series “Royal Pains” is now available on Spotify, iTunes and other outlets.

“Greener Grass” featured in “Rizzoli & Isles” TV series

Thomas Hien’s song “Greener Grass” will be featured in the TV series “Rizoli & isles”.

“Incarnation Song” reaches 13 million streams on Spotify

Chris And Thomas’ “Incarnation Song” has reached over 13 million streams on Spotify.